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3 Fevrier 1959 : The Day The Music Die

3 Fevrier 1959 : The Day The Music Die

The day the music die
The day the music die

Bien triste anniversaire que ce 3 fevrier... 

En 1959, trois pionniers du Rock'n'Roll périssaient dans le crash de leur petit avion... Richie Valens, le Big Bopper,  et Buddy Holly. Les trois artistes participaient à la tournée Winter Dance Party. Les trajets entre les différents concerts se font en bus, non chauffé, tant et si bien que les artistes contractent grippes, engelures, etc... Lassé de ces conditions pourries, Buddy loue un petit avion, pour relier Clear Lake à Moorehead. Ironie du sort, la place de Richie Valens se joue à pile-ou face avec un musicien. Il gagne... Mais peu après le décollage, l’avion s'écrase dans un champs de maïs, ne laissant aucun survivant.

Pour leur rendre hommage, l’immense Eddie Cochran leur dédie le titre : Three Stars

Le texte est des plus poignants :

Look up in the sky,
up towards the north
There are three new stars,
brightly shining forth
They're shining oh-so bright
from heaven above
Gee, we're gonna miss you,
everybody sends their love
Ritchie, you were just starting to realise your dreams
Everyone calls me a kid,
but you were only seventeen
Now Almighty God has called you,
from oh-so far away
Maybe it's to save some boy or girl
Who might have gone astray
And with your star shining through the dark
and lonely night
To light the path and show the way,
the way that's right Gee,
we're gonna miss you,
everybody sends their love
Buddy, I can still see you,
with that shy grin on your face
Seems like your hair
was always a little messed up
And kinda outa place
Now, not many people actually knew you
or Understood how you felt
But just a song, just a song from you
Could make the coldest heart melt
Well you're singing for God now
, in his chorus in the sky
Buddy Holly, I'll always remember you with tears in my eyes
Gee, we're gonna miss you,
everybody sends their love
I see a stout man,
the Big Bopper's your nam
e God called you to heaven,
maybe for new fortune and fame
Keep wearing that big Stetson ha
t and ramble up to the mike
And don't forget those wonderful words,
you know what I like

 Richie Valens - La Bamba

Big Bopper - Chantilly Lace

Buddy Holly  : Peggy Sue

Etienne Frelet

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